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Productive Luddite 101
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Don't just unleash your creativity, let it run wild!

Being a productive luddite is a very good thing, because adopting only those technologies that actually promote increased productivity and creativity are worthy of adoption. Those that merely fracture focus are deserving of a big "Thanks but no thanks."

The Productie Luddite 101 Shop is one path towards increased creativty and productivity. Sometimes and for some folks, the best way to increase productivity and creativity is to take a step back from the electronic gadgets and gizmos that we all love so dearly.

To help increase your creativity and productivity, the Productie Luddite 101 Shop offers three notebooks and a book, individually or in a single savings bundle.... +

First, The Productive Luddite is a signature work designed to help you get sh*t done. It's a produtivity system and to-do list all-in-one.

Second, Focuscrime is a book to help the desperately distracted develop focus.

Third, there's a pocket notebook to carry with you and capture your thoughts and keep track of stuff.; IN THE FRONT: 48 plain / blank / unstructure pages for free-form ideas, thoughts, notes, sketches and various musings. IN THE BACK: 14 structured pages for the info you want to keep organized ‐ info like to-do lists, contacts, year-month-day schedules, and long and short lists. This powerful little notebook is called Zombie Barack Obama. Don't let the humorous cover fool you — it's handy.

Finally, Matte Black Dot Grey Grid Notebook, 6x9, 100 Pages provide you with space to let your creativity run free. It features a 5x5 grid set out by light grey dots rather than lines. You can use it for notes or for drawing — anything really.

Productive Luddite 101
Prodocutive Luddite 101
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To help you enhance your creativity and productivity, Productie Luddite 101 offers three notebooks and a book, individually all in a single savings bundle.
Productive Luddite 101
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44. Zombie Barack Obama  by Zombie President Notebooks (
Price: $7.76
44. Zombie Barack Obama In case of zombie apocalypse, the Zombie Barack Obama notebook is the perfect companion for the intrepid survivor. IN THE FRONT:......
44. Zombie Barack Obama
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Focuscrime by Productive Luddite Notebooks (
Price: $11.95
WE PURSUE BAD time management strategies like multitasking because we want to be productive. Unfortunately, the practice of multitasking invariably leads to ineffectiveness and inefficiency.......
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Matte Black Dot Grey Grid Notebook, 6x9, 100 Pages by Everyday Carry Notebooks (
Price: $9.95
Excellent Bullet Journal The idea behind Matte Black Dot Grey Grid Notebook, 6x9, 100 Pages and EVERYDAY CARRY NOTEBOOKS' Matte Black Collection is as simple......
Matte Black Dot Grey Grid Notebook, 6x9, 100 Pages
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The Productive Luddite by Productive Luddite Notebooks (
Price: $14.95
The Original Bullet Journal. The reason most folks are stressed out, drowning in work, and feeling unfulfilled (despite already having the talent to be highly......
The Productive Luddite
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