FAQ About Productive Luddite

One line. What is a Productive Luddite?

OK. Sure. Productive Luddites love notebooks, journals and the planet; and show that love by planting ten trees for every notebook and journal purchased.

Oh, and, often, Productive Luddites follow The Five-Fold Path of the Productive Luddite: Right Filter. Right Equation. Right Factoid. Right Fit. Right Karma.

And, just more thing. Productive Luddites embrace focus, reject distraction, and work towards Right Karma for themselves and for the planet.

Why did you start Productive Luddite?

We're natural born thinkers and makers and travelers that believe paper technologies, like notebooks and journals, are the perfect antidote to the distractions of the digital age and the false-efficiencies of multitasking.

Who uses Productive Luddite books?

Everyday Folk. Extraordinary Folk. Thinkers. Makers. Artists, Writers. Environmentalists. Designers. Musicians. Engineers. Bloggers. De-digitizers. Directors. Film Students. Animators. Illustrators. Screenwriters. Cinematographers. Advertisers. Storytellers. Fashionistas. Doctors. Nurses. Moms. Dads. Kids. Notebook and Journal Lovers. People who want to change the world. And the icing on this cake? This list is getting longer every day.

How many notebooks and journals do you have on tap?

1200+ But, who's counting?

Do you ship around the world?

ProductiveLuddite.com only ships to the continental states. No sad faces. We make our product available through Amazon.com and many of Amazon's country specific sites. Every ProductiveLuddite.com product page has a details section containing a link to that product on Amazon.com. And, you can get some of our stuff from Barnes and Noble, a number of online retailers, and better stationery and book shops everywhere.

How can I help?

Simple: Help spread the word. We beleive that different callings, vocations, activities and undertakings demand different notebooks. RIght now we are tiny and unknown. Help us tell the world we exist, and together we'll plant whole forests along the way.

Here are four easy and noble ways you can help.

Like us on Facebook. It is a tiny thing, but helps you follow each step of the Productive Luddite revolution.

Follow us on Twitter. It's no big thing, but helps you gain insight into what makes Productive Luddites tick and re-tweets help spread the good word.

Sign-up for our Newsletter. It's no biggee, but lets you claim a 10% member discount on every book you buy at ProductiveLuddite.com and subscribers gets the good news first.

Review Us On Amazon. If you like one of our notebooks and journals. Tell the world why with an Amazon review.

It may take just a second or two, but doing any of these things helps spread the word and generate good karma.