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Company Fact Sheet
  • Our Mission: To champion focus, creativity, productivity, and a greener world.
  • Our Vehicle: Trees and unique notebooks & journals.
  • Founded in October 2010 on four simple ideas:
    • Notebooks and journals can be the antidote to the plague of distraction caused by digital living.
    • Notebooks and journals can be more than the usual corporate lined, grid and blank confections boosted by bogus "our story" marketing.
    • Different callings, vocations, activities and undertakings demand different notebooks.
    • Every notebook sold in the US will be made in the US. We will never outsource the production of our notebooks to China.
  • 1200+ amazing notebooks and journals so far. We believe you will find a diversity of notebooks and journals on unlike anywhere else on earth.
  • Re-Founded in October 2014 on the idea that notebooks and journals could enhance focus, creatvity and productivity — sure — but they could also help grow a greener world.
  • Re-Dedicated: To plant ten trees for every notebook & journal sold. And to continue to innovate and inspire in the realm of notebooks and journals.
  • We have boycotted social media (facebook, twitter, etc) to date, because we're luddites, don'cha know. But, with our re-founding, we are going to give social media a second look. So, we're at square one with that.