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Origin Story
Productive Luddite is a collective of artists and designers united by a passion for notebooks and journals, design, travel, Buddhism, and, of course, better living through the Noble Five-Fold Path of the Productive Luddite.

Founded in 2010 by Ike Sapphire, Angela Anger-Locke, and Cormac Younghusband (the World's Most Legendary Nomad). In 1996, they met in Kathmandu on a meditative retreat and have been fast friends ever since. Productive Luddite began as coversation over several days on Ike's Focuscrime manuscript, digital living and distration, focus, journaling, notebooks, creativity and productivity.

Re-founded in 2014. Ike's near death brought the friends together in March 2014. Productive Luddite's new green direction started with a conversation about the Buddha's enlightnment under the Bodhi tree and ended with plans to bring our Productive Luddite efforts more in line with our shared Buddhist beliefs. That sparked the idea to change the notebook and journal industry for the greater good, by using the sale of notebooks and journals to grow, not just trees, but forests for the greener good.

Founder Bios

Ike is Co-founder of Productive Luddite, a designer and musician, holds degrees in Economics, English, and Journalism, speaks eight languages (six computer and two human). He spends part of each year in Texas, Idaho, Alberta, Kathmandu and Brisbane. Fun fact: In February 2014, he was horribly disfigured in a freak tomahawk juggling incident. The Quotable Ike: "I have always thought of heaven as a giant pile of notebooks rather than a garden."

Angela is Co-founder of Productive Luddite, an artist, humorist, musician and designer. She lives in Idaho with a lovely cat named Perfect and several thousand books. Angela believes that notebook design is, in and of itself, an exciting vehicle for personal artistic expression and social commentary. Fun fact: (Yet to be confirmed by Guiness) Angela is the third happiest person on the planet. The Quotable Ang: "I plead the 5th."

Cormac is Co-founder of Productive Luddite, an artist, musician, designer of travel journals and a full-time nomad. He is a master of ultra-light travel and vipassana meditation. He has been everywhere and seen it all, but insists the sights he's seen have been far too small. He is an adventurer, explorer, gentleman and master of the krav maga self-defence system. Wherever he lays his sak lekòl is his home. He is fluent in one language but speak bits and pieces of 27 languages. Fun fact: He has appeared in the background of every movie made by Oliver Stone since Platoon. The Quotable Cormac: "Find a place you've never been, and go there."

Vee and Jane manage the day-to-day of and without them everything would fall into utter disarray. They are old souls.